Square Small II 2 x Bloc 1,2l


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The Square collection is a wonderful solution for the central point of the house, hotel lobby or restaurant. The panoramic design adds elegance and style to the room and brings a remarkable warmth and ambiance of the flame.

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This fireplace can be hung on almost any wall including plaster walls, stone walls, concrete walls or wood walls. The Square is made of a high quality stainless steel frame and powder coated steel interior, has integrated heat resistant insolation, a hanging system that is earthquake resistant and lastly, allows for an optional front tempered glass for a greater sense of security.


Bio-Blaze® offers two versions of this unit enabling you to choose the ideal flame to warm and enhance your space.

Square I* is equipped with small individual high quality brushed stainless steel burners. This version will offer you small individual flames, you can decide of what type of ambiance and warmth you would like to make in your interior.

Square II is equipped with high quality brushed stainless steel adjustable burners. This version will bring you an elegant and relaxing flame.

In both versions, the flame is easily extinguished, either by using an extinguisher (Square I*) or by closing the damper (Square II).

All accessories are provided with the unit including a funnel, long lighter, white stones and manual.


Before using any of the Bio-Blaze ® products, please first refer to the instruction manual: Square Small


*Square I version, not available in the USA/ Canada

Additional Information

Weight 35 kg
79 lbs
Product Dimensions L 880 x H 550 x D 178 mm L 34½" x H 21½ x D 8"
Heating Capacity 3.6 KW 12283 BTU
Burners 2 x 1L burners - adjustable flame 2 x 1qt burners - adjustable flame
Burning time +/- 3 hrs - 0.33 l/h/b +/- 3 hrs - ½ qt/h
Included accessories Burners/ Hanging system / Tool to extinguish the flame / Funnel / Stones / Manual
Soovitatav õhuvahetus every one hour for rooms : < 110 m³ / <3884 ft³
Minimum Room surface 62 m³ (roof 2.45 m) 2190 ft³ (roof 8 ft)

Additional info

Safety and Assembly Instructions

Before using any of the Bio-Blaze® products, please first refer to the instruction manual:
Square Small

Technical Drawing

For your convenience you can download the technical drawing of this product: Square Small ISquare Small II3D Square Small I3D Square Small II

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